'From The Darkest Grounds'

Image of 'From The Darkest Grounds'


'From The Darkest Grounds' is the debut record from Bristol's Progressive Metal band Endeavour.

Written between October 2009 and February 2013, recorded and produced in 2013, it contains 5 pulverizing tracks spanning over 35 minutes of the best music Endeavour has to offer. If you like your music heavy, melodic, and progressive, this is the release for you.

1. Drowning Memory (4:44)
2. Shadow's Refrain (4:43)
3. From The Darkest Grounds (8:50)
4. Betrayal Of Life (7:46)
5. All That He Does See (11:24)

All Music/Lyrics © 2014 Endeavour

For any enquiries please contact us at: endeavourprogband@gmail.com